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Atlantic Pump offers Goulds Pumps in Maine.  Goulds Pumps’ wide range of horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps, serve many industries around the globe. As a factory-trained distributor stocking Goulds Pump products, Atlantic Pump is here to assist whenever you need local inventory and support.

Goulds Pumps are manufactured to meet the complicated needs of any industry, including Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, and more. Goulds Pump products meet extreme requirements for corrosion, abrasion, pressure, and temperature. In addition, Goulds Pump is the only company that includes digital monitoring as a standard features of every process pump. Goulds Pumps continues to lead the industry in designing mechanical pumps and adopting smart technologies.

As the most widely respected and recognized pump brand in the world, Goulds Pump has long set the industry standard. Goulds Pump was the first to offer several pumps that subsequently transformed the industry, including the first all iron pump in 1849, the first hard metal slurry pump, and the first self-priming centrifugal pump.

Atlantic Pump’s dedicated engineering staff has hundreds of years of total experience in centrifugal pump technologies.

The Atlantic Pump Advantage:

ITT Goulds Pumps Authorized Service Center

As an ITT Goulds Pumps Authorized Service Center, Atlantic Pump is a fully equipped, factory authorized service and repair facility. Our ASC is certified by an independent auditor in New England and New Jersey.


Atlantic Pump distributes ITT Goulds Pumps products including:

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  • Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps and Vertical Centrifugal Pumps
  • ANSI/API/ISO standards compliant solutions
  • Slurry Pumps
  • General Service Pumps
  • Pumps meeting flow requirements up to 500,000 GPM
  • Pumps meeting head requirements up to 5500 feet
  • Pumps meeting temperature requirements up to 850 degrees
  • All metallurgies, non-metallic designs, and lined designs

I-Alert 2 condition monitoring, PumpSmart proprietary VFD control technology, and ProSmart condition monitoring system

Primary Industry Applications for ITT Goulds Pumps:

Key industries served by Goulds Pump include Chemical Process, Commercial HVAC, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Water Treatment, and more.

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Leading ITT Goulds Pumps Product Lines:

  • Process pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Vertical process pumps
  • Seal-less process pumps
  • ANSI pumps
  • ISO pumps
  • API pumps
  • Sump pumps
  • Abrasives pumps
  • Solids pumps
  • Multi-stage pumps
  • Axial flow pumps
  • Double suction pumps
  • Mixed flow pumps


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Goulds Pumps Industry specializations include:


Goulds Pumps provides chemical process pumps, including both ISO and ANSI models. For chemical pumps, Goulds Pumps can provide high alloy pumps. For severely corrosive media, Goulds Pumps offers the advantage of unique non-metallic pumps.

Pulp and Paper

Goulds Pumps’ comprehensive range of pumps stand up to the harsh operating requirements of the pulp & paper industry. Model 3175, introduced in 1968, remains one of the most popular. Our latest line includes models 3180/3185 paper stock/process pumps for applications that require a metric pump. Our full line of double suction and LoPulse fan pumps also serve the pulp and paper industry.

Mining and Minerals

Goulds Pumps serves the mining and minerals industry with the largest offering of metal and rubber-lined corrosion/abrasion-resistant slurry pumps available. These pumps include submersible, vertical, and horizontal pumps that can be used for cyclone feed, clarifier underflow, minerals processing, mine dewatering, tailings disposal, oil sands, sump services, and more.

Power Generation

In power generation applications, the Model 3600 is often specified for boiler feed service. For the most demanding condensate or circulating water needs, choose vertical turbine and double suction pumps. Goulds Pumps’ line of vertical or submersible sump pumps works well to clear sumps. Flue gas scrubbers and ash handling services can use heavy duty slurry pumps like the XHD, SRL and 5500.

Oil Refining and Gas Processing

Vertical turbine pumps in any configuration serve the needs of the oil and gas processing industry. Goulds Pumps also supplies a full range of API 610 pumps, including:

  • BB1 axially-split, between-bearing pumps
  • BB2 between bearing radially split pumps
  • BB3 multistage axially split pumps
  • BB5 barrel multistage radially split pumps
  • overhung OH2/OH3 process pumps

Primary Metals

Goulds Pumps manufactures pumps to handle vertical and submersible abrasives, slurry pumps for scale pits, vertical turbines, double suction pumps for cooling tower and dewatering applications, chemical pumps for pickle liquor and leaching solutions, and pumps for waste acid, scrubber service, and quench.

Water and Wastewater

For non-clog solids handling, Goulds Pumps provides a range of horizontal sump, vertical sump, and submersible pumps. For chemical feed, water supply, booster, low lift, and high lift applications, Goulds Pumps offers a full line of double suction, end suction, multistage and vertical turbine pumps.

Food and Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, Goulds Pumps supplies pumps for an array of biofuels, grain processing, wastes, water, corrosives, and erosives. Goulds Centrifugal Pumps operate in Breweries, bottling companies, canneries, and a variety of food and beverage applications.

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