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Atlantic Pump offers Goulds Water Technology in Maine for building contractors, commercial and light industrial water pump, wastewater pump, and agriculture. Goulds Water Technology, which is a Xylem brand, produces a full line of products including centrifugal and turbine pumps, controllers, variable frequency drives and accessories, and is the preferred contractor pump.

Goulds Water Technology was founded in 1848 by Seabury S. Gould’s purchase of an existing pump making business in Seneca Falls, N.Y. The company produced the first all-metal pumps in the world. Now owned by Xylem, Goulds Water Technology continues to manufacture pumps serving residential, commercial and agricultural markets. Goulds Water Technology are known for efficiency and long lasting results.

Atlantic Pump distributes the following Goulds Water Technology products:

  • Vertical Turbine Pumps
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Booster Pumps
  • Packaged System Solutions
  • Controllers
  • Wastewater Pumps

The Atlantic Pump Advantage:

Atlantic Pump is a factory-trained distributor stocking Goulds Water Technology. We are able to supply local inventory and also provide the support of a Factory Authorized Service Center for Goulds Water Technology.

Primary Industry Applications for Goulds Water Technology Pumps:

Goulds Water Technology products have many commercial, municipal, and industrial applications including Well Water, Cooling Tower, Building Contractor, Commercial HVAC, Light Industrial, Commercial Plumbing, and Pressure Booster.

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Goulds Water Technology Key Product Lines:

Vertical Turbine Pumps

Goulds Water Technology’s vertical turbine line covers a wide range of hydraulic conditions to meet the requirements for virtually every pumping application in the industry. Using the latest methods in turbine pump manufacturing, Goulds Water Technology creates optimally efficient pumps.

Goulds Water Technologies Vertical Turbine Pumps

  • DWT – Deep Well Turbine (Borehole) Pumps
  • Mixed Flow Pumps
  • SMVT – Surface Mount Vertical Turbine Pumps
  • VIC – Canned Lineshaft Turbine Pumps
  • VIS – Submersible Vertical Turbine (Borehole) Pump
  • VIT – Short Set Lineshaft Turbine Pump

Goulds Water Technology’s Centrifugal pumps and boosters are close coupled, self-priming products manufactured from stainless steel, bronze, and cast iron. Goulds Water Technology also offers multi-stage, high pressure booster pumps.


  • Commercial Pool & Water Park Pumps
  • Multi-Stage End Suction
  • Self-Priming End Suction
  • Single Stage Double Suction
  • Single Stage End Suction
  • Single Stage In-Line Pumps

Packaged Pump Systemsgoulds-water-technologies-packaged-pump-systems

Together with Goulds Water Technology, Atlantic Pumps provides entire packaged system solutions. These packaged pump systems are both cost effective and easy to install. Packages include options for Pump Stations, Variable and Fixed Speed Booster Packages, and Booster Products and Updates.

  • AquaBoost Fixed & Variable Speed Booster Package
  • AquaForce Variable Speed Pump Statio
  • AquaForce XL

Jet pumps

The Goulds Water Technology produces a complete line of Jet Pump intended for cottages, farms, homes, and booster services.

Goulds Water Technologies Jet Pumps

  • BF03S – Shallow Well Jet Pump
  • HSJ Horizontal Multi-Stage Jet Pump
  • J+ – Convertible Jet Pumps and JS+ Shallow Well Jet Pumps
  • J05 – Hydro-Pro Tank System for Deep Wells
  • JO5X, JO5K, JO5L – Jet/Tank Packages
  • JRD – Convertible Jet Pumps
  • JRS, JRSZ – Shallow Well Jet Pump
  • JRS/JRD – Combined Jet Pump Tank Packages
  • JS Plus, JSZPlus
  • SJ – Deep Well Jet Pumps
  • VJ – Deep Well Jet Pumps


Controllers – Variable & Fixed Speed

goulds-water-technologies-controllersVariable and Fixed Speed Pump Controllers from Goulds Water Technology are used for sewage and dewatering, as well as submersible grinder applications.

  • Aquastart Combination Soft Starters
  • Aquavar ABII and ABII+ Pump Controller (AquaBoost – residential)
  • Aquavar CPC Variable Speed Pump Controllers
  • Aquavar Intelligent Pump Controller
  • Aquavar SOLO
  • Aquavar SOLO 2
  • Aquavar SPD – Variable Speed Single Pump Drive
  • Hydrovar


Draining & Wastewater Pumps

Goulds Water Technologies Wastewater-Drainage PumpsMultiple draining and wastewater products are available for both residential and commercial applications, including sump, effluent, and sewage pumps and accessories. Goulds Water Technologies offers pumps for submersible/dewatering, sewage, effluent, and grinder applications, along with a full line of control panels, basins, and accessories.

  • CentriPro Alarms
  • CentriPro Panels
  • Effluent Pumps
  • Grinder Pumps
  • Sewage Pumps
  • Specialty Pumps
  • Sump Pumps

Submersible Well Pumps


Submersible well pumps from Goulds Water Technologies include Industrial Water Well pumps that can be submerged to various depths, and can be specified for various rates of flow.





Goulds Water Technologies designs and sizes Holding Tanks for various pumping applications.




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