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Pump Products

Hayes Pump Products page refinery people 10779438Atlantic Pump offers the largest selection of pump products available in Maine, with pumps and related products for nearly any fluid handling application. As part of Hayes Pump, the oldest and largest stocking distributor of pumps in the Northeast, we stock a multi-million dollar inventory so we can readily support your operations.  Atlantic Pump distributes the products of 20 leading suppliers – all leaders in the manufacture of products used to meter, transfer, and filter fluids.

Pump Products

+Municipal, Industrial, & Commercial Pumps – For all fluids from water to corrosive chemicals, Atlantic Pump offers a complete line of pumps for pumping requirements in commercial markets, municipal systems, heavy industrial markets, and light industrial markets.

+Strainers – Atlantic Pump distributes inline strainers that reduce wear from undesirable substances in the lines and keep your pumps operating efficiently.

+Seals – Atlantic Pump provides mechanical seals that meet the requirements for virtually all liquids and gases encountered in the Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Sanitary, Personal Care, Chemical, Commercial, and Water & Wastewater industries.

+Control Systems – For the Food, Heavy and Light Industrial, Personal Care, Chemical, Water & Wastewater, Food, and Pharmaceutical markets, Atlantic Pump provides expertise to design and implement process pump control systems.

+Engineered Systems – Atlantic Pump meets your process system requirements by providing an assortment of engineered pump systems (including Seal Water Systems, Custom Packaged Skids, Chemical Feed Systems, Booster Systems, and Mobile Pump Packages) to meet your process system needs for all applications.

+Fuel Oil Sets – Atlantic Pump manufactures Fuel Oil Pump Sets known for their industry leading reliability, user friendliness, and robustness.

+Parts – As a factory trained and authorized repair center for each manufacturer we represent, Atlantic Pump operates a fleet of fully equipped field service vehicles for your service and repair needs. Our parts team will locate the parts you need, and service will provide the expertise to maintain, install, commission, troubleshoot, or perform field repairs.

For all of your pump related needs, Atlantic Pump provides a solution.  +Learn more about Atlantic Pump.

We also offer  +Training, Seminars & Online Education as well as +Service, Repair & Parts.

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