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Leachator | Landfill Pumping Systems

Atlantic Pump distributes the specialized leachate solutions offered by Leachator. Leachator’s solutions involve electric and pneumatic pumps modified and upgraded to handle the unique requirements encountered in landfills. Leachator pumps include both multistage turbines and single stage pumps.

Leachator Pumping Systems supplies complete systems including control panels, pumps, carriages, discharge assemblies, flow sensors/meters and remote telemetry instrumentation. The company also provides replacement pumps, motors and components for Leachator systems and systems sold by others. We are the single source for all your leachate pumping requirements.

integrated leachate management systems that also includes carriages, UL-listed 508A/698A control panels, sensors/transducers, cables, hoses and fittings

Atlantic Pump distributes Leachator pumps throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Atlantic Pump distributes the following products from Leachator:

  • Leachate pumping systems
  • Leach-Rite recirculating system

The Atlantic Pump Advantage:

Atlantic Pump provides factory authorized maintenance facilities for Leachator products.

Primary Industry Applications for Leachator:


Leading Leachator Product Lines:

Leachate Pumping Systems

Pumping leachate involves rugged conditions, Leachator’s pumps and motors provide the best performance and longest life for each landfill’s unique requirements. Multistage turbine pumps are available with either fabricated or cast stainless steel impellers for longer service life if abrasives like sand and ash are present. Single stage pumps are supplied with cast impellers. Leachator also supplies factory mutual-rated explosion-proof pumps, solids handling pumps, and grinder pumps.

In addition to pumps, Leachator provides other leachate pumping system components including:

  • UL508A/698A listed control panels
  • pump transporters/carriages
  • rugged discharge hoses, fittings, and level sensors
  • remote telemetry/monitoring

Leach-Rite Recirculating System

Leach-Rite Recirculation Systems use subsurface irrigation techniques for more effective recirculation than any other method, in all weather conditions. Irrigation tubing with emitters produces metered dispersal and very even wetting, and runs fully automated, 24/7, without saturation. The pump, hydraulic solenoid unit, and zone manifold unit are all controlled from a single panel that can be programmed to set the length of time each zone is dosed. These recirculation systems can be sized for 1,500 to 30,000 gallons per day.

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