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SERO Pump Systems | Multistage Pumps

Atlantic Pump distributes the SERO PumpSystems line of side channel pumps. SERO’s multi-stage pumps are available in sealless and mechanically sealed pump models.

SERO’s compact side channel pump designs feature fully open “star” impellers that interact with the side channel casing, transferring energy to the pumped liquid or liquid/gas mixture. The corresponding pressure increase equals 5 to 10 times the amount of pump head generated by a similar size centrifugal pump at the same RPM. The centrifugal effect of the impeller, combined with the internal flow pattern design, allows SERO pumps to handle fluids with gas entrainment of up to 50% and also be self-priming.

Whether you need local inventory or support for SERO PumpSystems pumps, Atlantic Pump can meet your needs. As a factory-trained distributor stocking SERO products, Atlantic Pump is here to assist.

SERO PumpSystems, headquartered in Germany, is the only pump manufacturer dedicated solely to the manufacture of side channel pumps. Since receiving their first side channel pump patent in 1929, SERO has become world’s foremost manufacturer of multifunction side channel pumps designed to meet demanding process conditions.

Atlantic Pump distributes SERO PumpSystems products throughout Maine.

Atlantic Pump distributes the following products from SERO PumpSystems:

  • SEMA Sealless Multi-Stage Pumps
  • SHP High Pressure Pumps
  • SRZS Multi-Stage Pumps

The Atlantic Pump Advantage:

Atlantic Pump is recognized as a factory authorized maintenance facility for SERO PumpSystems products.

Primary Industry Applications for SERO PumpSystems:

SERO PumpSystems products are suited for a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • Liquid CO2 Pumps
  • Reactor Feed (Ammonia)
  • Propane Pumps
  • Butane Pumps
  • SCR – Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • Light Hydrocarbon Pumps
  • Ethanol Pumps
  • Liquids with High Vapor Pressure
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Irritants (Mercaptan)
  • Ammonia system Pumps
  • Biodiesel Pumps
  • Freon Pumps
  • Liquid Gas Pumps (LPG)
  • Refrigeration System Pumps
  • Biodiesel Pumps
  • Methanol Pumps
  • Urea Pumps
  • Aerosol Propellant Pumps
  • Tank Farm Transfer
  • Underground Storage Pumps
  • Light Hydrocarbon Pumps
  • Condensate Pumps
  • Heat Transfer (Ethylene Glycol) Pumps
  • Low Specific Gravity Process Fluids
  • Liquids with High Vapor Pressure
  • 2nd Stage Scrubber Bottoms Pump
  • NGL / Y Grade Booster Pump
  • Depropanizer / Debutanizer Pump
  • Hydrocarbon Condensate Transfer Pump
  • Reflux Pump
  • Hot Glycol Recirculation Pump
  • Propylene Transfer Pump
  • Boiler Feedwater Pump
  • Amine Injection Pump

SERO PumpSystems Videos Available on the Hayes Pump YouTube Playlist:

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Leading SERO PumpSystems Product Lines:

SEMA Sealless Multi-Stage Pumps

The SEMA line features proven multi-stage magnetically coupled pumps that feature both a low NPSH first stage impeller and side channel design for performance.

  • Hydraulic flexibility – low flows with high head
  • Exceptional differential pressures developed at 1750 RPM
  • Steep performance curves for precise system control
  • Ability to pump process fluids with entrained gas
  • Low NPSH requirements to prevent cavitation
  • Self-priming

SHP High Pressure Pumps

The SHP side channel pump is not only suitable for low pressure applications, but also capable of producing heads greater than 3500’ with a maximum allowable working pressure of 1450 PSIG. The SHP high pressure pump is a rugged multi stage pump that features:

  • barrel design for secondary containment
  • exceptionally low NPSH requirements
  • meets API-610 specifications, where applicable
  • numerous sealing options available including a sealless mag drive design

SRZS Multi-Stage Pumps

The SRZE multi-stage pump line includes radially split segmented pumps that have both a low NPSH first stage impeller and the performance advantage of a side channel design. Features include:

  • Exceptional differential pressures to 1750 RPM
  • Hydraulic flexibility – low flows with high head
  • Steep performance curves for precise system control
  • Ability to pump vapor laden process fluids (up to 50%)
  • Low NPSH requirements to prevent cavitation
  • Self-priming
  • Multiple sealing options
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