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ITW Performance Polymers | Epoxy Grout & Coating Systems

Atlantic Pump distributes epoxy grout and coating systems from ITW Performance Polymers. For grouting and chocking pumping equipment or other applications, Atlantic Pump stocks top of the line products from ITW Performance Polymers for any environment.

ITW Performance Polymers supplies an enormous range of proven high performance products and world-renowned brands, including Chockfast and ESCOWELD. Though the company name has changed from ITW Philadelphia Resins to ITW Engineered Polymers to ITW Performance Polymers, the Chockfast products have a 60+ year history as leaders in the industry.

The Chockfast line of specialized grouts, chocks, and foundation construction materials improve equipment performance and reliability, increase longevity, and lower operating costs. Atlantic Pump works with ITW Engineered Polymers to deliver a value-added solutions and expertise.

Atlantic Pump distributes ESCOWELD and Chockfast throughout Maine.

Atlantic Pump distributes the following products from ITW Performance Polymers:

  • Chockfast

The Atlantic Pump Advantage:

Atlantic Pump is a distributor of ITT Performance Polymers products providing technical expertise and support.

Primary Industry Applications for ESCOWELD and Chockfast:

Petrochemical, Marine, and General Industrial

Leading ITW Performance Polymers Product Lines:


The ESCOWELD epoxy grout system provides a highly flowable grout for dynamically operated industrial machinery and equipment. As the interface between the equipment and its foundation, ESCOWELD ensures transference of static and dynamic loads generated by the equipment to the foundation.

  • Helps anchoring system maintain critical shaft alignment
  • Offers enhanced resistance to many industrial chemicals, protecting concrete foundations
  • Features excellent bondability to itself
  • Can be poured from 1-1/2” to 18” depth
  • Cures in 24 hours


The Chockfast line of epoxy products provides a range of grouting systems for various applications, from thin pour epoxy chocks to large foundation repairs. Chockfast products fit the requirements of various applications including:

  • Chockfast Black – Pourable 2-component, deep pour structural epoxy chock
  • Chockfast Blue – Pourable 2-component, aggregate filled, epoxy grouting compound for severe applications
  • Chockfast Gray – Highly flowable, 2-component, thin pour chock designed to maintain proper alignment and support of equipment
  • Chockfast Orange – 100% effective bearing under supported equipment
  • Chockfast Red – 3-component, high strength, 100% solids epoxy grouting compound
  • Chockfast Red HF – 3-component, high strength, 100% solids epoxy grouting compound to improve installation of grout in the most difficult machinery
  • Chockfast Red SG – 3-component, high strength, 100% solids epoxy grouting compound to grout large machinery and support soleplates
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